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Image by Dennis Klicker


Honeybee Strategies is here to help! Health and safety in your agency, organization or company needs to be comprehensive and include everyone.  Keeping health and safety in the forefront of your work includes: developing, maintaining and updating safety and health policies and procedures, supervisor and employee training, records management and periodic audits and inspections.

Honeybee Strategies has the experience to help ensure your workers are protected through good health and safety management.   Honeybee Strategies can audit existing health and safety plans, policies and documentation, and conduct inspections to help identify training and policy gaps.

Up-to-date Health and Safety Policies and Procedures illustrate management's dedication to safety and keeps health and safety in the forefront of your employees minds. A safe and healthy workforce helps lower insurance costs.  

Written health and safety plans are a requirement of OSHA.  Are you in compliance?

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