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Environmental Health and Safety Solutions
for Your Industry


The construction industry has its own OSHA regulations and requirements found in 29 CFR Part 1926.  Honeybee Strategies can assist your company in fulfilling your OSHA obligations, including reporting, recording, training, inspections, etc.  Our third party audits and inspections can be used to help identify gaps in your health and safety program.

General Industry

Retail, hospitality, tourism, nonprofits, industrial plants, and many other industries are classified by OSHA as General Industry.  Is your company meeting all of your OSHA obligations as listed in 29 CFR Part 1910?  Let Honeybee Strategies assist with all of your OSHA needs.

Disaster Site Work

Honeybee Strategies offers OSHA Disaster Site Worker Outreach Training.  If your workers respond to disasters either at your work place, in their community, or nation-wide, this training will promote workplace safety and health and make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. Honeybee Strategies can design and deliver disaster specific training applicable to your industry.  Training can be conducted in emergency situations or before a disaster occurs.

Energy & Utilities

On site training is available, whether it is in an office or at a worksite.  Make sure your staff and contractors have the required training for the job they are doing.  Third party audits and inspections are also available to help ensure your work sites are as safe as possible.  Honeybee Strategies can help to remedy unsafe situations by coaching workers how to complete their work safely.


In-house training is available for a reasonable cost.  Honeybee Strategies will provide everything needed for each training session.  Training is provided at the worker level as well as at the supervisor level. 

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